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Essential Factors to Find a Cheap and Best Way to Ship Your Car

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You may find many shipping companies to transport your car from a location to another. It is difficult for you to evaluate whether their quotes are cheap and genuine or costly.

Let us find out the ways to select the cheapest and secure shipping for your car:

  1. Get quotations from more companies

It is always a better idea to get several quotes from different companies. Do not stick to a few quotes for comparison. If you have multiple quotations, you get more options and accurate assumptions to arrive at an average shipping rate.

Quotations vary from company to company based on the below factors:

  • Distance between source and destination
  • Carrier type
  • Weight and size of your car
  • Time of booking

Avoid the shippers with too-low and too-high quotations. A too-low costing may have some hidden charges resulting in paying an overall high shipping charge at the end of the journey. You must select a reputed shipper for the safety and on-time delivery of your car.

  1. Contact a reliable shipping company and not a broker

Visit the online portal of the Better Business Bureau (BBB) website to find the ratings and services of the shipper. You may also check the shipper’s website for the reviews of their existing customer on the services.

A shipper will charge an optimal rate only, whereas a broker will include commission and fees in their quotations. Avoid dealing with brokers as they adhere to the terms and conditions of the shipping company to which they are tied up. They do not have any control over the shipment.

They are not the ultimate responsible person for any damage, theft, and delayed shipping. You may get tricked to pay more for the low-quality of service.

Ship a Car, Inc is among the reputed San Jose car shipping company in Florida, U.S.A. They have been providing direct services for all kinds of shipping services, with a nationwide network of shipping carriers across the U.S.A., for more than 30 years. Their team of experienced transport professionals helps you 24*7 during each stage of delivery.

  1. Avoid emergency bookings

Always remember that emergency services cost you more than the nominal price. You must plan your shipment well in advance. Some shipping companies may charge you more to take advantage of your emergency.

  1. Other cost-saving factors

Before signing the contract, ask the shipper to provide clarification on any extra charges during any circumstances including insurance. You can call or visit the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration to verify the shipper’s license and insurance policies.

You can choose a cheap terminal-to-terminal service, where you are responsible to drive to and from the shipper’s terminal. You may have to wait for the shipping process. A door-to-door service is a bit costly and free from the disadvantages of terminal services.

An open carrier is cheaper than a closed carrier. You can choose a closed carrier to ship a luxurious car. An open carrier is convenient and saves a lot of money to ship an ordinary car. You can make proper packings and essential safety precautions to avoid any kind of damage during transition.

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