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Common Reasons for a Malfunctioning Car AC

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Driving your car during hot weather only gets better when you have an air conditioner. You don’t feel how hot it is outside since the temperature inside is different. Therefore, if your AC doesn’t work well, it could be annoying. You might even cancel your plans because it’s terrible driving in hot conditions. These are the typical reasons why your AC isn’t working and what to do about it.

The car refrigerant is leaking

If you see an oily substance around the hose connections, it’s possibly the source of the leak. Given the standard leaks that may occur, you will have a hard time determining the real reason behind the problem. Using a sealant to close the hole is easy, and won’t take much time. If it’s the real reason behind the problem, your AC will start working again.

The condenser got blocked 

The role of the condenser is to keep the refrigerant cool. The problem is when something is blocking the condenser. It could be debris that got stuck while you were driving. Regardless, the item blocking the condenser shouldn’t be there, and it will work well again once removed. Most condensers are in front of the car. Determining if it got blocked by an object shouldn’t be a problem.

The condenser isn’t working

A blocked condenser is easy to deal with. Removing the object will make the AC work again. It’s a problem when the condenser isn’t working at all. Various reasons can lead to a malfunctioning condenser. If it got punctured on the road, it will automatically stop working.

There are faulty electrical issues 

The most common reason for this problem is electrical issues. Check the wiring to determine if something is frayed or intertwined. Damaged electrical wires are easy to fix with electrical tape. However, there are instances when full replacement is necessary. Faulty wiring issues could affect other parts of the car. Bringing the vehicle to the dealership is needed to diagnose more problems.

There are faulty cooling fans 

Malfunctioning fans might also be the reason why the AC doesn’t work. If fans stop working, the AC will only release hot air. In this instance, you have to ask an expert to come over and check the issue.

The compressor is bad

The compressor is the reason why the AC keeps moving. If it’s not working correctly, the refrigerant won’t circulate through the system. If you didn’t use the vehicle for a long time, it could happen. When suddenly used in hot weather, the problem intensifies.

If you’re okay driving without AC, you don’t need to treat it as urgent. However, if you have a challenging time driving when it’s hot, you should bring the vehicle to the dealership.

The good thing is that a broken AC won’t necessarily lead to an accident unless other more crucial parts aren’t working. If you get involved in an accident, call a company for towing in Miami for help. The staff can take the car off the road and prevent traffic jams. Hopefully, you won’t have to deal with these issues again.

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