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The Compulsory Per Motorcycle Act Of Thailand

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If you are new in Thailand and have come across the ‘compulsory’ automobile act, you must be wondering why is it so? In Thailand, if there’s one thing that is shared amongst all is the insurance cover-up. Around 1992, the Thai government decided to pass a mandate making a minimum insurance cover compulsory for all. Now in the Kingdom of Thailand, there’s no single person who does not possess bare minimum insurance. This step was taken in the backdrop of rising vehicle accidents and the resultant unaffordable expenses on the ordinary people. Once you get a motorcycle act, you do not have to purchase it every year. You can ต่อ พรบ รถจักรยานยนต์ ออนไลน์.

Why is it a practical step?

  • If you look at WHO reports, approximately 1.35 million people die every year due to road accidents. It is a loss of life and property.
  • The most vulnerable section of society is the worst hit by such accidents. Therefore, insurance cover helps them in recovering the damages.
  • Apart from the vulnerable section, it also helps other people by paying their medical expenses. Moreover, tragedy can hit anyone at any time. Being prepared for such unforeseen disasters will help.

It is because of these reasons that getting the act becomes a necessity. There are also two essential points to note here. Firstly, for different vehicles, there are other acts. Secondly, the authorities have a minimum limit, except that you can buy even an expensive insurance cover.

Getting and claiming  motorcycle act

All you have to do is contact any insurance provider and submit the necessary documents. These will include a copy of the ID card, driving license, vehicle registration, and in case of a post-accident claim, additional documents will be required. Most of the motorcycle acts initially cover the medical expenses, other expenses if death happens, and the artificial skull’s expenses. The full compensation is provided if the case is proven right, which will include additional fees. You can claim the act by contacting the hospital staff that you visit. Every hospital has a dedicated team for addressing the claims of insurance cover.

So in case your motorcycle act is expiring, do not think twice to ต่อ พรบ รถจักรยานยนต์ ออนไลน์. It will not only cover your expenses but will also give you an extension for motorcycle tax.

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