While the 4th-gen Ford Mustang spanned a ten year life cycle from 1994 to 2004, it can be divided into two different style versions, the early model and late model versions. The late model 99-04 Mustangs received a facelift that introduced Ford’s “New Edge” styling, which removed all the rounded styling introduced to the exterior look in the 94-98 models and replaced it with sharp angular styling. This styling change can be seen in the 99-04 Mustang Headlights that were now designed with 1-piece housings and very aggressive angular housing shape. While these changes made some improvements to the style and lighting quality with the new look OEM 99 -04 Mustang headlights, aftermarket versions made even more improvements with the introduction of modern lighting options. Some common lighting options included in aftermarket versions of the 99-04 Ford Mustang headlights are LED turn signals, DRL’s, CCFL halo rings, and projector style lenses.

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