The BMW E46 is the 4th-gen 3-Series, replacing the previous model E36. While maintaining much of the body styling of the E36, the 99-05 BMW E46 made significant changes to the tail lights. The 99-05 E46 tail lights broke away from the rectangular style entirely by adding a more distinct angle to the outer housing wall. The trunk portion of the tail light was also reduced in size to only match up with the lower half of the tail light. These design elements fit well with the other styling changes of the 4th-gen 3-Searies and carried over into many of the aftermarket designs. Aftermarket tail lights come in OEM styles as well as more modern Euro looks that include LED lighting and a variety of different housing options ranging from red clear, red, and black.

Places to buy 99-05 BMW E46 Coupe Tail Lights?