In 1999, BMW introduced the 1st-gen X5, known as the BMW E53. Dubbed as an SAV (Sport Activity Vehicle) by BMW, the X5 is the first truck style vehicle developed by BMW. The reasoning behind tagging the X5 as a SAV versus an SUV, is that the base platform for the vehicle is inherited from the E39 5-series sedan instead of a truck platform. The 5-series design elements can be seen in many different aspects of the X5, including the headlights. The BMW X5 E53 headlights come with many of the same standard OEM features seen in the E39, such as slim “cat eye” styling and halogen lighting in crystal reflector housing. These same features can be found in aftermarket designs, though more modern lighting technologies such as LED turn signals, Halo’s, and projector style lenses are also available. Another option commonly found in aftermarket headlight designs, is different color housing options, including black and chrome.

Places to buy 99-06 BMW E53 Headlights?