In 1998, Honda introduced the 6th-gen Honda Accord, which was built on the CG platform that was used on the JDM Inspire and Acura TL. While many of the design elements still resemble the 5th-gen models, sharper angular elements were used gave the 98-02 Honda Accord Sedan a sleeker more refined look. This design approach is easily seen in the shape of the 98-02 Honda Accord tail lights, which have a slim trapezoid shape housing that highlights the angular rear features. These 98-02 Honda Accord Sedan Tail lights can be found with OEM and JDM designs as well as aftermarket designs that incorporate bright LED lighting technologies. Different color housing options are also commonly found in black, red clear, red smoked, chrome, and smoked.

Places to buy 98-02 Honda Accord Tail Lights?