In 1997 BMW introduced the 4th-gen 5-Series model, the BMW E39, which replaced the BMW E34. While much of the body styling remains similar to its predecessor, the overall look has been slightly rounded with refinements being made to key elements. One element of the E39 that is noticeably different is the headlight housing. The 97-03 BMW E39 Healights enclosed the housing with a glass lens and introduced new Halo lighting technologies that surrounded both the high and low-beams. These design features can be found in OEM versions as well as aftermarket variations that can be found with a number of extra options. Some of the options that can be found in aftermarket 97-03 BMW E39 headlights include LED’s, SMD’s and CCFL halo’s.

Places to buy 97-03 BMW E39 Headlights?