In 1997, Dodge introduced the 2nd-gen Dodge Dakota, which received many minor alterations from its 1st-gen predecessor. The most noticeable change can be seen in the body styling, which became much rounder and inherited elements from the larger Dodge Ram. This round styling can be seen in the housing shape of the 97-04 Dodge Dakota headlights, as they are slightly wider with a subtle arc on the triangular turn signal section. While the OEM headlights come in a 2-piece design that includes the high and low beam portion and a small turn signal corner light, many aftermarket designs have combined the two into a sleek 1-piece design. These aftermarket versions of the 97-04 Dodge Dakota Headlights also incorporate a variety of modern lighting technologies, including LED’s, CCFL Halo rings, and projector style lenses.

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