The 96-00 Dodge Caravan is the 3rd-gen version of the Dodge “minivan” style vehicle that has set the bar since 1985. This 3rd-gen 96-00 Dodge Caravan model, like its predecessors, is built off a car-based platform and for this reason shares many external design elements seen in smaller Dodge vehicles. While the 96-00 Caravan tail lights do not come from a specific Dodge car model, they maintain the round design styling used on the exterior of the Caravan. These 96-00 Dodge Caravan Tail lights come from the factory with red clear housing with standard halogen bulbs; however, aftermarket designs are available that maintain this OEM look and provide variety of Altezza style designs. These aftermarket versions also incorporate more modern LED lighting options and provide an array of color housing options, such as black, chrome, red smoked, red clear, and smoked.

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