In 1995 Dodge introduced the Avenger, a sporty mid-sized coupe that would replace both the Dodge Daytona and Dodge Stealth. While the Avenger does not look like either of its predecessors, it shared similar design elements and size. It also shared many body parts with its Chrysler based counter part, the Chrysler Sebring. One external element that can be used on either the Dodge Avenger or the Chrysler Sebring, is the headlights. The 95-00 Dodge Avenger Headlights come with slim “cat-eye” style housing shape with amber turn signals and crystal style chrome reflectors. This OEM look can be found in many of the aftermarket 95-00 Avenger headlight designs that include other more modern lighting features. Some of the modern lighting features seen on aftermarket 95-00 Dodge Avenger headlights are, projector style lenses, Halo’s, and LED’s.

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