The Ford Mustang is a classic American sports car that has been in production continuously since 1964 and has seen five generation cycles. In 1994, Ford introduced the 4th-gen model Mustang, which received a major redesign to the exterior styling and overall look. One of the most noticeable style changes seen in the 4th-gen model Mustang, is in the headlight shape. The 1994-1998 Ford Mustang Headlights come in 2-piece design with slim “cat eye” style and are mounted flush with the front fenders, hood, and front bumper as opposed to its predecessors round or square shape housing that were recessed into the front fascia. This new sporty OEM style is available straight from the factory and can be found in many aftermarket designs; however, many aftermarket designers have introduced sleeker and more modern styles with improved lighting technology. Some aftermarket designers have produced 94-98 Ford Mustang Headlights that are 1-piece design and include LED turn signals, projector style lenses, and CCFL halo rings. These aftermarket designs also come with a variety of housing color options that include chrome, black, and smoked.

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