The 3rd-gen 94-01 Acura Integra received a fairly major face-lift from its predecessor, most notably to the front end. The headlights were changed from the slim cat-eye style to a four round headlight style that many enthusiasts dubbed the “bug eye” look. This style was used for the entire year span of the 3rd-gen Acura Integra designed for USD, but in 1996 the JDM spec Integra had it’s lights converted back to a cat-eye style similar to the 2nd-gen Integra. The JDM spec lighting was also made available to the USD spec models, but only through an entire front end conversion that involved both fenders, hood, and front bumper, that allowed the use of that style headlight. Either style can be found in aftermarket versions that are designed with OEM standards and quality, but also introduce new lighting technologies including projector housing, LED Halos and CCFL options that can improve safety and style.

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