The 4th-gen Dodge Ram, introduced in 2009, maintained a very similar body style when compared to its 3rd-gen 06-08 model. However, certain areas of the exterior design received minor changes that gave the 09-11 Dodge Ram a more refined, strong and aggressive look from front to back. The 09-11 Dodge Ram tail lights are one of the exterior body elements that evolved with this slight makeover by becoming larger in size. This larger OEM size tail light allowed for improved performance and improved styling of the 09-11 Dodge Ram rear end. Aftermarket versions of these 09-11 Dodge ram Tail lights are available that maintain these OEM standards while introducing more modern LED lighting technologies, that further improve lighting quality and aesthetics of the 09-11 Dodge Ram. These aftermarket designs also come in a variety of housing color options including black, chrome, red, and smoked.

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