While the 4th-gen Dodge Ram maintained a very similar look and style as its direct predecessor, the 06-08 late model 3rd-gen Ram, there are minor refinement changes that introduce more angular elements. These strong angular design elements replaced many of the rounder elements and gave the 09-11 Dodge Ram a more aggressive look. The 09-11 Dodge Ram Headlights are one of the areas that these changes can be seen, as the housing is now designed with parallel lines on the top and bottom of the housing and angular side lines that lean toward the front of the vehicle giving a strong aggressive style to the front end. Though the housing shape changed, these 09-11 Dodge Ram headlights still come standard with halogen bulbs and crystal style reflector housing in 1-piece design. This OEM style is maintained in many aftermarket designs; however, there are other designs that introduce a variety of more modern lighting technology options. Some of the most common lighting technologies found in aftermarket 09-11 Dodge Ram Headlights are LED’s, projector style lenses, and CCFL’s.

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