In 2008, Honda introduced the 8th-gen Accord, which received new body styling and design, modeled on the CP platform. The 08-10 Honda Accord Coupe has much more defined lines and structure with aggressive angular elements when compared to the rounder body styling of the 7th-gen coupe. One area that these changes can be seen is in the 08-10 Accord headlights and tail lights. The 08-10 Honda Accord Coupe Tail Lights have a skewed square like shape that emphasize the aggressive downward angles of the body, leading from the tail to the front. These tail lights come standard with red clear housing, but aftermarket tail lights can be found in a wide variety of housing color options, including red, red clear, black, and chrome. Aftermarket 08-10 Honda Accord Coupe Tail lights can also be found with LED lighting and different housing styles, including OEM, JDM, and Altezza.

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