In 2008, Dodge introduced the 3rd-gen Challenger, a classic muscle car that had not been in production since 1983. The body styling of the 08-11 Dodge Challenger closely resembles its 1st-gen predecessor, though many modern elements help give it that sleek 21st century retro style. One element of the 08-11 Challenger that provides subtle modern styling is seen in the headlights. While the housing of the 08-11 Dodge Challenger Headlights are very simple, they have bi-xenon HID projector lenses with auto leveling available straight from the factory. This OEM style is also available in aftermarket designs that incorporate other modern lighting technologies, such as CCFL Halo’s and projector style lenses that can be used on models that did not come with bi-xenon HIDs from the factory. These aftermarket designs also offer a variety of different housing color options, including black, smoked, and chrome.

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