In 2007, Dodge introduced a new compact SUV, named the Nitro, to their line of vehicles. While the 07-11 Nitro is a 1st-gen model for Dodge, it shares the base platform with the 2nd-gen Jeep Liberty and adopted many styling elements from the Jeep look. The Nitro has a boxy exterior style like the Jeep, though angular and rounded body armor accents along with the front grille give the Nitro a distinct Dodge look. The 07-11 Dodge Nitro Headlights are another element that distinguishes the Dodge Nitro from the Jeep Liberty. These headlights come with familiar Dodge truck features, such as rectangular style divisions in a square style housing with a small angular section for the turn signal. These 07-11 Dodge Nitro Headlights come standard with crystal style reflector housing and simple halogen bulbs, though aftermarket designs are available that introduce many modern lighting options including LED’s, CCFL Halo rings, and projector style lenses.

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