The Dodge Caliber, introduced to the Dodge family of vehicles in 2007, is a sporty 5-door hatchback. Though the Caliber is not an SUV or truck, it is sometimes considered a “crossover” because of its truck like features that are derived from other larger Dodge vehicles. One element of the Dodge Caliber that exhibits these larger design characteristics, are the headlights. The OEM 07-11 Dodge Caliber headlights come with simple crystal style reflector housings and amber colored turn signal sections. This OEM look can be found in aftermarket 07-11 Caliber headlight designs, however, many more modern lighting technologies are also available. Some of the common lighting features included in aftermarket designs include LED’s, projector style lenses, CCFL Halo’s, and black or chrome housing color options.

Places to buy 07-11 Dodge Caliber Headlights?