In 2006, the 3rd-gen Dodge Ram received a facelift that made noticeable styling changes to the front bumper, headlights, and fenders. These changes gave the 06-08 version of the 3rd-gen Dodge Ram an aggressive and refined look that matched many of the performance enhancements. This facelift also made minor changes to the 06-08 Dodge Ram tail lights by further enhancing the circular lighting sections with more three dimensional cylinder design. Though the external style changed, the internal lighting technology remained the same as the OEM 02-05 Ram tail lights, which used standard halogen bulbs. This new OEM look along with Euro style Altezza designs are both available from aftermarket designers that provide standard lighting versions as well as more modern LED versions of the 06-08 Dodge Ram Tail lights that can improve lighting quality and aesthetics. These aftermarket designs also provide a variety of different housing color options including black, chrome, red clear, red smoked, and smoked.

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