While the 5th-gen BMW 3-Series shares many design elements when compared to its predecessor the E46, it received noticeable alterations all around. The body styling is significantly rounder and the overall size was increased in all dimensions, which added extra interior room and a wider wheel stance. Other noticeable changes were made to the exterior lighting, including the headlights and tail lights. The 06-08 BMW E90 tail lights still maintain a semi rectangular look, but they have more angular and rounded elements that match the chiseled and rounded features of the body. The OEM tail lights of the 06-08 3-Series also included LED’s as a factory option, which can also be found in many of the aftermarket tail light designs. The aftermarket tail lights also come with OEM styles, as well as Altezza designs and a variety of housing color options, that range from black, red, red clear, red smoke, and smoked.

Places to buy 06-08 BMW 3-Series E90 Tail Lights?