Like the previous two generations of the A4, the 3rd-gen 06-08 Audi A4 made changes to the body and other elements by adding circular design. The headlights of the 3rd-gen A4 maintains a similar look and feel of previous generations, but made significant alterations to the rectangular shape. These headlights have a more pronounced arc that extends from the upper portion of the light housing ┬áto the center and also includes an arc in the lower portion that bends into the rectangular shape. These additional arcs create a slim and aggressive overall look and feel to the face of the 06-08 Audi A4. OEM version of these headlights come with projector style lenses and SMD LED’s which give the A4 a very unique look straight from the factory. After market headlights aim to maintain these OEM standards and have also included different style housing and LED options that further enhance the safety, aesthetics and style of the A4. Black, chrome, and smoked housings with LED turn signals and R8 Devil-eye style SMD’s are just a few of the variations that can be found.

Places to buy 06-08 Audi A4 B7 Headlights?