While the 3rd-gen 2005-2007 Dodge Dakota maintained a similar body style to its direct predecessor, the 2nd-gen Dakota, it grew in size making it the largest Dakota to date. The 05-07 Dodge Dakota Headlights also grew in size and received minor changes to the housing shape and style. These 3rd-gen headlights come in a sleek 1-piece design with crystal style reflector housing and amber turn signal sections. Although the OEM versions of the 05-07 Dodge Dakota Headlights remain fairly simple as far as the internal lighting technology is concerned, many aftermarket versions are available that incorporate modern lighting technology options, such as LED’s, CCFL Halo rings, projector style lenses, and HID kits. These aftermarket designs also come in a variety of housing color options, including black, chrome, and smoked.

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