The 05-10 Dodge Charger is one of several retro-style muscle cars reintroduced to the Dodge family of vehicles after long stretches of being out of production. Though the 05-10 Charger does not closely resemble any of its predecessors, it does maintain the use of angular design elements that give it an aggressive look. These angular design elements can be seen all over the Dodge Charger, even in the seemingly simple square style tail lights. Subtle angles on the top of the 05-10 Dodge Charger Tail lights draw the eye to the very distinct aggressive sport line that runs from the tail to the nose of the vehicle. Beyond these styling elements, the OEM Charger tail lights come with standard red clear housing and halogen bulbs. This OEM style is available in aftermarket tail light designs that are also available in with modern technology and style including LED’s, Altezza style housings, and housing color options, such as red smoked, black, chrome, and smoked.

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