While most elements of the 04-11 BMW E87 hatchback and E88 coupe remain the same, in the 1-series line, the tail lights are one area that is unique for each body type. The 04-11 BMW 1-Series E87 Tail lights are taller and wider, with angular and circular lines the cut into the square housing shape and blend with the lines of the trunk and rear fenders of the hatchback. These external features of the tail light housing are important, though lighting technologies also play strong role in the design. OEM versions of the 04-11 E87 tail lights come with simple red clear color housing and can be found with standard or LED lighting. Aftermarket tail lights also include many of the OEM features and provide other options such as Altezza style housings available in red, red clear or black.

Places to buy 04-10 BMW 1-Series E87 Tail Lights?