The Acura Integra has been a staple of the import racer scene since the 1st-gen DA1, but in 2002 Acura changed its name to the RSX. The name change fell in line with Acura‚Äôs new alphabetical naming scheme, but was not the only change that the 4th-gen Integra experienced. The headlights of the 02-04 Acura RSX received a major face lift from its predecessor. While still maintaining round styling that echoed the “bug eye” look of the 94-01 Integra, the new style was more of a rounded triangular shape. This new style left room for many variations in the aftermarket designs, which included Halos, projector style housing, and LED lighting options. Different housing colors could also be found in chrome and black that offer further personalization options.

Places to buy 02-04 Acura RSX Headlights?