While the 1st-gen Audi A4 received a lot of attention in the car enthusiast world, it merely laid the ground work for the generations to come. The 02-05 Audi A4 had a minor face-lift that rounded off all the corners and improved on Audi’s signature use of circular elements in their design. The headlights at first glance do not look significantly different, but incorporate the cars circular elements with arcs that have been added to either side of the light housing which meld into the arc lines of the A4 hood and fenders seamlessly. The increased popularity of the 2nd-gen A4 can be seen in the wide variety of after market parts available. 02-05 Audi A4 headlights can be found in OEM styles as well as modern Euro styles that include LED’s, Halos, SMD’s, and CCFL’s that enhance the lighting aesthetics of the Audi A4.

Places to buy 02-05 Audi A4 B6 Headlights?