Between 2001 and 2006, Dodge produced the second generation Stratus, which is built on the same base JR platform as the 01-06 Chrysler Sebring. This relationship between the Dodge Stratus and the Chrysler Sebring can be seen in the body size, shape and design. Some parts, like the 01-06 Dodge Stratus Headlights, are actually interchangeable between the two sedans. These 01-06 Dodge Stratus Headlights come standard with crystal style reflector housings and halogen bulbs; however, aftermarket versions are available that introduce modern Euro lighting options, such as LED’s, CCFL’s, projector style lenses, and HID lighting options. Aftermarket versions of the 01-06 Dodge Stratus headlights also come in a variety of housing color options including black, chrome, and smoked.

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